On January 8, 2021, at the Hanoi National Convention Center, Thien Nam Group was honored to receive the award “Top 50 Vietnam Excellent Enterprises 2020” organized by Vietnam Report in collaboration with VietnamNet online newspaper. .

The representative of Thien Nam Group received the award of TOP 50 Excellent Enterprises in Vietnam in 2020

With many flexible solutions in times when the economy is heavily influenced by the Covid-19 epidemic, Thien Nam Group has strived to complete the parent company’s revenue of 4,787.4 billion VND, equal to 104% of the plan. Profit is estimated at 80,1 billion, completing 93% of the plan. This is considered an over-expected number because Thien Nam Group had to implement many measures to support customers during the season, including sharing to reduce profits with customers, but at the end of the year, it still completed the profit target at high level. In which, iron and steel and office leasing are two core businesses that account for a high proportion in profit target to maintain stable and efficient business.

Wire rod steel wire - a staple of Thien Nam Group

To achieve the above results, in 2020, Thien Nam Group has flexibly adjusted its business activities to adapt to the changing environment. In the field of iron and steel business, when economic activities changed much due to the Covid-19 translation, Thien Nam Group adjusted the direction of business and products, signed cooperation in steel distribution for many steel manufacturing corporations. leading domestic market in Vietnam, increasing imports of prestressed steel for road and bridge construction in the direction of supporting government public investment. Thanks to the timely accumulation of capital and goods, Thien Nam Group has exploited many new customers, especially large customers who are manufacturing factories with consumption output of 1,000 tons or more per month.

At a time when the market price increases continuously, Thien Nam Group still maintains the supply of goods, reduces profits in order to help customers overcome difficulties and accompany the company for a long time. Steel industry’s business results in 2020 have restored good profits, developing more than 80 new partners, customers, especially strategic partners, which are the leading steel production / trading groups in Vietnam. South and the world. Steel production in 2020 has reached nearly 400 thousand tons with a profit of more than 35.5 billion, exceeding the planned targets and maintaining good export markets in the region with turnover of 2, 5 million dollars.

Supply of steel post-tensioning for pile concrete factories

Office for lease is the next business segment that has exceeded expectations. In the context that the market in 2020 has many premises returned and prices fluctuate continuously, Thien Nam Group still fulfilled 100% of its targets in terms of both revenue and profit, maintaining 95% occupancy rate thanks to in maximizing support for customers, reducing rental rates, reducing costs, enhancing utility services for customers and ensuring customer safety during outbreaks.

Building 111 Ngo Gia Tu has changed the new logo THIEN NAM GROUP

With the achievements achieved in 2020, Thien Nam Group believes in maintaining and stabilizing the growth momentum and expectations for outstanding development in fiscal year 2021.

Expect the market to recover in 2021.
In 2021, Vietnam is forecast to achieve better growth. For the steel industry alone, it is forecast to grow from 3-5% in 2021. Therefore, Thien Nam Group is determined to continue to take the steel industry as the spearhead of its business, keep continuous growth momentum, and bring public sales Company in 2021 will increase at least 5% and profit increases 10% compared to 2020. To achieve these goals, Thien Nam Group will continue to expand the portfolio of steel products suitable to customers, sign cooperating with domestic and foreign manufacturers, perfecting sales policy, helping to increase competitiveness in the market.

For the real estate and office leasing industry, continue to implement existing projects on schedule, take care of the convenience of customers who rent premises and embellish the premises but still optimize operating costs.

According to Thien Nam Group