Ho Chi Minh city is a locality that has had to apply a long social distancing period since the outbreak, so many businesses have applied for employees to work from home. However, working adults said that they feel "tired" when working from home because most workers want to work at the office because not everyone does not have enough good time to work from home like other workers, lack of facilities, office equipment and even communication with colleagues

The effects of noise, lack of light, the size of tables and chairs that are not suitable for sitting for long periods of time, problems with internet connection, phone or printer are reasons to affirm that the office is still working. will be an important part of the job.

In order to prepare to restart after the end of the social distancing, many businesses are thinking about creating a good environment for employees to ensure their productivity, whether it is at home or at the office create high profits for companies. It’s also an important part of businesses that support health and well-being is a top priority, making people feel that they are safe and comfortable working wherever they are.

At this time, businesses need to focus on redesigning current and future office space to meet the requirements of the new working model. However, with the current difficult economic situation, in addition to trying to improve the working environment, businesses must also pay attention to the quality and price of the office location, in line with the post-covid situation of the business.

With the desire to best meet and support businesses to overcome difficulties, Thien Nam Building always offers the best incentive programs for customers, consulting and assisting customers with the best rental package. Besides, with a professional team of designing and taking care of office trees, it will make the corporate office space more fresh and fresh, in order to improve the health of employees and create peace of mind for the development of employees, business after the pandemic.

Thien Nam Building still maintains online consulting and customer care activities during this isolation period. You can easily contact us to find the most effective solution for your business.

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