In the trend of green architecture, open office, in order to create a better office environment, bring health, alertness, clarity and encourage creative thinking of employees in the office. However, choosing a plant that is both easy to care for, compact, aesthetic and suitable for the office is not known to everyone. Thien Nam Building will suggest you the right plants for your office.

However, choosing a plant that is both easy to care for, compact, aesthetic and suitable for the office is not known to everyone. Thien Nam Building will suggest you the right plants for your office.

Benefits of bonsai in the office

  1. Help fresh office air:

Many types of ornamental plants have the ability to prevent radiation from electronic devices, thereby protecting the health of office workers. Besides, green plants can kill harmful bacteria in the air, preventing the risk of respiratory diseases.

  1. Improve mood and increase work efficiency:

The presence of trees in the office will create a pleasant feeling and reduce stress. According to studies, an office space with trees, properly arranged is the secret to improving employees’ mood, productivity and creativity by 3 times and concentration by about 15 times. %.

  1. Good for Feng Shui:

Modern science of feng shui acknowledges the close relationship between man and nature. Accordingly, in addition to decoration, trees are also used to strengthen and promote the good points and neutralize the bad points in the space. So it would be great to have some ornamental plants placed in the office that can bring fortune and luck to you and your business.

  1. Decorate the office to be more lively:

Of course, this is the most basic benefit of having plants in the office. The workspace creates a greener, more lively feeling, no longer a place to just sit and work in a boring way.


Suggesting ornamental plants to put in the office


This is the leading name in the list of 8 most popular decorative office plants. snake plant has an impressive beauty with dark green leaves dotted with a unique golden border.

Đây là loài cây có sức sống vô cùng mãnh liệt, cây tượng trưng cho sức mạnh của loài hổ bởi có khả năng sinh trưởng tốt, kể cả trong điều kiện thiếu ánh sáng mặt trời hay khi ở trong môi trường điều hòa. Cây Lưỡi hổ được mệnh danh là “máy lọc khí tự nhiên” bởi nó có thể lọc sạch không khí nhờ khả năng hấp thụ hơn 107 loại độc tố 

Trong phong thủy, cây Lưỡi Hổ có khả năng xua đuổi tà ma, quỷ dữ và đem lại nhiều may mắn, bình an cho những người xung quanh.


Succulent plant has a rich variety of styles, colors, leaf textures, there are hundreds of different types such as Jade Lotus, Chrysanthemum Stone Lotus, Purple Stone Lotus, Dragon Claw Stone Lotus… pleasing to the office world.

Putting a small succulent plant pot on the desk will contribute to creating a green space, giving you a pleasant and peaceful feeling when looking at them. Not only that, this plant also has strong vitality, quickly adapts to new environments and is easy to care for. You just need to spend a little time watering or sunbathing 2-3 times a week.

They have the effect of absorbing harmful radiation from computer devices and phones, so they are very suitable for office workers.



This is a plant that is not only commonly grown in the house but also frequently appears in offices. Right from the name, this plant has made a strong impression on everyone. According to feng shui, the money tree symbolizes fortune, luck and prosperity. Therefore, it is always one of the top priorities in decorating workspaces in offices, offices, hotels…

Money tree is suitable for people with Kim destiny. Therefore, if you have this destiny, choose for yourself a lovely mini pot of money to put in the working corner. Surely it will bring good luck, make work much more convenient.

Money tree symbolizes strength, resilience, giving strength to the owner of this tree.


The tree has a striking appearance by its pinkish-white stem, and a multi-leaf analysis frame for you to make more beautiful eyes. Phu Quy trees filter the air very well, remove dust, and purify the air effectively.

According to the concept of feng shui, this tree also symbolizes good luck and good things.


This is a shade tolerant plant, so it is suitable for growing in closed spaces such as offices. Shrubs, green leaves, white stems and stalks are harmonious and beautiful, creating an impressive and unique attraction.

The prince’s white horse tree carries the beauty of luxury and elegance, meaning to rise, go forward, and be favorable.
To decorate your office and house, you should plant pots of white horse prince with a size of about 15-25cm. The right place to put a desk or window plant.
White Horse Prince is classified as one of the 10 best dust-cleaning plants by NASA


Kim Ngan is a very popular ornamental plant in the office today. The tree has a unique shape when the trunks are twisted together.

Honeysuckle has the ability to clean the air and dust, thereby providing a source of fresh oxygen for you and those around you.

In the name Kim Ngan, “ngan” means money and money, so the Kim Ngan tree is often associated with luck, wishing for abundance in life.


The outstanding effect of the Emperor tree is to create a feeling of freshness and attraction. Besides, this feng shui plant also has the effect of absorbing toxic gases. It is like an air conditioner that helps to purify the air, bringing freshness and coolness.

In feng shui, the owner will have a lot of fortune and luck. In addition, this tree also represents the spirit of the emperor and the will to constantly strive. The tree is suitable as an office tree for managers, leaders and organizations.

Above are a few suggestions of Thien Nam Building about suitable ornamental plants to use in the office. Hope you have found a tree that suits your requirements and preferences!