After a long period of working from home due to social distancing, many business owners and employees have realized the importance and necessity of a standard office environment.​

But with the policy of tightening costs to overcome difficulties, what must businesses do to maintain an efficient and professional office?

Grasping this demand, Thien Nam Group – a unit operating for many years in the field of office building management has introduced a new program “Renting office for 0 VND” to support businesses to the maximum in such difficult times. The representative of the unit is Mr. Nguyen Minh Thu – Deputy General Director of Thien Nam Group – shared the reason for implementing this program.

Xu hướng chọn văn phòng với không gian rộng hơn, thoáng hơn.

Increase Rent Area to Reduces Costs

Reporter: Sir, currently renting a new office or moving an office is not a concern for businesses. Why does the business offer the policy of “Renting office for 0 dong” at this time?

Mr. Nguyen Minh Thu: Difficulties caused by the epidemic are the common situation of all businesses. However, there are still many businesses that have adjusted and adapted to the new situation quite well and maintained their business effectively. Unreasonable expenses will be reduced by the enterprise. Hence, what is needed is still being invested to serve not only for this moment but also for the future development process. In order to develop a development strategy for the next 3-5 years, enterprises also develop short- and medium-term measures to cope with this epidemic.

We realize that, although it may sound paradoxical, business are in need of renting a larger office space at a smaller cost to serve the long-term development and help employees feel safe at work. The program “Renting office for 0 VND” was born with the desire to share difficulties with current customers and accompany them for many years to come. Instead of massively cutting operating costs like office rents, the company’s policies will demonstrate the business’s sustainable development environment because they both protect the current safety and preserve the development potential in the future.

Reporter: Why larger office but lower cost?

Mr. Nguyen Minh Thu: Because office rents are at a low stage, many leasing units are willing to negotiate with customers to fill the vacant space. At Thien Nam Building, we have a system of standard office buildings with reasonable rental prices, located in prime areas, suitable for customers to move offices from high-priced areas to lower-priced areas. This will save costs and get a larger new leased area.

New tenants will get free space for a period of time to ensure the business is stable and operating in the new environment. At the same time, we also support customers with other policies such as free after-hours activities, parking fees… In general, every customer will come to work efficiently, the cost has been accompanied by us. shared with the business.

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Establish Organization Culture

Reporter: In your opinion, does this program guarantee that Thien Nam Building will successfully attract visitors?

Mr. Nguyen Minh Thu: Companies that value culture have difficulty when everyone works from home frequently. It seems that a knowledge gap is being created as employees’ working environment has been narrowed down to computers. The damage caused by workers’ inability to learn on the spot from colleagues or share ideas in meetings is somewhat unmeasurable. After the fatigue of working online for a long time, returning to the office is important for socialization, which helps to enhance sharing and collaboration among employees. Therefore, traditional office will remain the focal point for employers as well as employees to help businesses develop long-term efficiency.

Reporter: If the office is still an important foundation, what does Thien Nam Building prepare to ensure the safety of customers?

Mr. Nguyen Minh Thu: Safety is the first factor that tenants demand. As soon as the threat of Covid subsides, we always take the utmost precautions. From controlling air quality to strengthening weekly cleaning, arranging forces to observe and control people entering and leaving the building, effectively exchanging information with customers in the building to quickly respond to rooms to fight the epidemic. We also renovate the space, equipping many trees in the buildings to help fresh air.

During the past Covid-19 outbreaks, Thien Nam Building operated buildings safely and efficiently, highly appreciated by many customers, and did not let mistakes happen.

In this time, normalization means that we need to keep working as usual in conditions of high vigilance against the epidemic. We believe that difficulties will also have solutions and look forward to sharing difficulties with customers, contributing to maintaining economic development for the business community.

Many thanks to Mr. Nguyen Minh Thu for sharing.

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