In 2024, Ho Chi Minh City will deploy 3 more metro lines

In 2024, Ho Chi Minh City will deploy 3 more metro lines

The Ho Chi Minh City Urban Railway Management Board has just sent a document to the City Department of Transport on key tasks and solutions for 2024, including a plan to deploy 3 more metro lines for the city.

Deploy 3 metro lines No. 5, No. 3a and No. 2


First, MAUR said that the 2024 plan will complete the verification of the pre-feasibility study report; submit to the National Assembly for consideration and approval of the investment policy of metro line 5, phase 1 (Bay Hien intersection – Saigon bridge).

Metro line No. 5 project phase 1 has a total expected investment of more than 40,000 billion VND, borrowed from the Spanish Government; Asian Development Bank (ADB); German Reconstruction Bank (KfW) and European Investment Bank (EIB).

The project has a length of about 8.9 km, starting from Bay Hien intersection (Tan Binh district) connecting with metro line No. 2 at Bay Hien intersection station, then going east through the train parking lot ( depot) in Hoang Van Thu park, which will connect to line 4b.

Next, the route will go along Hoang Van Thu street, connecting with metro line 4 at Phu Nhuan intersection station, continuing along Phan Dang Luu and Bach Dang streets, connecting with metro line 3b at Hang station. Green and ends at Saigon Bridge Station, which is also the connection point with metro line No. 1.

Metro line 5, phase 1, Bay Hien intersection - Saigon bridge. Photo: MAUR

Second, MAUR said that in 2024 it will update the total investment level; explain and submit for approval the updated project proposal of urban railway line No. 3a (Ben Thanh – Tan Kien).

Urban railway line No. 3a has a total estimated investment of about 67,125 billion VND, the entire line length is about 19.58 km including 17 stations and a depot in Tan Kien (Binh Chanh district). The route passes through District 1, District 5, District 6, District 10, District 11, Binh Tan and Binh Chanh District.

Third, metro line No. 2, phase 2 (Ben Thanh – Thu Thiem section) will also have a pre-feasibility study and feasibility study technical support project approved; Deploy project proposals in 2024. This is a very important metro line to develop Thu Thiem new urban area.

Research new policies for synchronous implementation

In addition to the three metro lines above, next year, MAUR will also submit and approve the project to develop Ho Chi Minh City’s urban railway system until 2035. According to the plan, Ho Chi Minh City must have about 220 km of urban railway in The next 12 years.

MAUR believes that to achieve the 2024 goal, it is necessary to focus on fully implementing and ensuring the quality of legal procedures and related documents so that project appraisal and approval by competent authorities can be fast and accurate. .

At the same time, MAUR needs to research new effective policies and regulations (such as the PPP Law, Investment Law…) to advise and propose to the competent authorities to consider investment incentive policy mechanisms. , investment attraction plan.

MAUR will also review and standardize the procedural and legal processes of ongoing projects, strengthen contract implementation management, apply information technology and coordinate with Universities and Institutes. research, technology companies research and apply new technical solutions in technical management, focusing on resolving complaints, arising issues, and disputes during project implementation.

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