Ho Chi Minh City will have unique and strange bridges

Ho Chi Minh City will have unique and strange bridges

The pedestrian bridge and Thu Thiem 4 bridge spanning the Saigon River with unique architecture will in turn adorn the beauty of both banks of the Saigon River, which is associated with the development of Ho Chi Minh City.

Perspective of Thu Thiem 4 bridge when the span is raised to create an additional 45m of clearance for ships and boats to pass through (large photo) Photo: Portcoast - Perspective of the pedestrian bridge across the Saigon River with the image of nipa palm leaves (small photo) - Photo: Lien Chodai - Takashi Niwa Architects and Chodai Kisojiban Vietnam

The formed bridge not only solves traffic problems but also creates many aesthetic and tourism values, associated with people’s lives.

Especially on December 4, a sponsorship agreement was signed for the pedestrian bridge and a pre-feasibility study report was submitted for the Thu Thiem 4 bridge.

Unique design

9:00 a.m. December 4, in the presence of Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Phan Van Mai, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport Tran Quang Lam and Mr. Tran Bao Minh, vice chairman of the board of directors of the Joint Stock Company Nutifood nutritional food division, signed a memorandum of agreement to sponsor a pedestrian bridge across the Saigon River.

This project has a total investment of over 1,000 billion VND, has high community significance, the bridge construction area is associated with many historical and cultural relics of Ho Chi Minh City.

Sharing about the journey of receiving the idea, Mr. Tran Quang Lam said that the pedestrian bridge was in the planning and the city organized an architectural design contest, announcing the winning result of the nipa palm leaf image in September. October 2023.

In August 2023, the department received Nutifood’s proposal to sponsor a pedestrian bridge across the Saigon River. This is very happy and appropriate information about the process of planning and beautifying the central area that the city is implementing. This is the first time we have received funding for a project with the largest scale and value in the country.

“Even though it is a pedestrian bridge, the design and scale are very special, different from normal pedestrian structures.

After receiving proposals from sponsors, the City Department of Transport coordinated with relevant departments and units to research, agree on steps, and propose that the City create conditions for businesses to implement the project. judgment.

After signing the sponsorship agreement, within seven days Nutifood will present specific steps. Within two months, the investor will present the investment policy. At the latest, the project will start construction in early 2025,” Mr. Lam said.

Thus, with the signing of the agreement as a basis for construction implementation, in the next few years, city residents will have a new check-in point, promising to attract tourists to visit.

It is a very important project, so four years ago, the City organized an international competition for architectural plans for a pedestrian bridge.

By October 2023, the architectural plan for a pedestrian bridge with the image of nipa palm leaves implemented by the joint venture Chodai – Takashi Niwa Architects and Choda Kisojiban Vietnam has been selected by the City.

The bridge design is shaped like a nipa palm leaf – a very typical leaf of the Southern region. The bridge will be like a soft leaf flying gently on the Saigon River and will be a new, unique and modern symbol of the City.

Besides the good news of the pedestrian bridge, Thu Thiem 4 bridge – the project connecting Thu Thiem new urban area and the southern city urban area – also has an equally unique design.

After a period of research, on the afternoon of December 4, the City Department of Transport officially submitted to the City People’s Committee a pre-feasibility study report for the Thu Thiem 4 bridge project. The unique feature of this bridge is its raised, static span design. No bridge is 45m higher.

With this design, when large vessels need to move through the area, the bridge span will be raised to 45m to create a flow of movement.

Regarding implementation progress and project preparation time in 2023 – 2024; Compensation, support and resettlement work from 2024 – 2025. Construction begins in 2025 and is completed in 2028.

Perspective of Thu Thiem 4 bridge when the span is raised to create an additional 45m of clearance for large tonnage ships to pass through - Photo: Portcoast

Hope the City is more livable

Why did the business donate a pedestrian bridge with this unique design? Mr. Tran Bao Minh said that the proposal to sponsor the pedestrian bridge is a “gift” of gratitude to the land and the millions of consumers in Ho Chi Minh City and the whole country who love, trust, and use our products. company for more than 20 years.

“As a business that started and grew from the land of Saigon, that has fueled our love for this place and ignited the dream of doing something to make this land more beautiful and worth living.

The pedestrian bridge across the Saigon River with its environmental, landscape, and economic values brought to the people and to the city has turned our wishes into reality.

The bridge promises to be a beautiful entertainment and relaxation destination for the city’s residents as well as an attractive tourist destination for tourists,” Mr. Minh thanked the people and city leaders for creating conditions for Nutifood to make the tree. this bridge.

The pedestrian bridge and Thu Thiem 4 bridge with unique and new architecture will in turn add to the beautiful picture of traffic works under the river and on the banks where the Saigon River bends to flow through the central area. City center.

A representative of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport said that the two bridges are included in the master plan of projects spanning the Saigon River.

The process of researching Thu Thiem 4 bridge is also at the right time when the city is reviewing and researching the overall assessment of the general planning to review urban space, landscape, and architecture to promote advantages and potential. of a gentle river associated with the development of the city.

Therefore, a representative of the City Department of Transport said that during the research process, the City also received many enthusiastic opinions from voters and domestic and foreign experts.

The City assigned the City Department of Transport to research and design the Thu Thiem 4 bridge to ensure both road and waterway traffic as well as a special architecture that promotes the advantages of space and landscape on both sides of the Saigon River in the future. future. After the research process, the department proposed a bridge project with open clearance, with a main span lifting and lowering structure for navigation.

This is an unprecedented technical solution in the country, while many countries around the world put this type of bridge into operation.

“The City Department of Transport also consults on bridges with unique designs in the world. The most recent example is the Pont Jacque Chaban-Delmas lift bridge over the Garonne River in France.

This is a famous bridge with a unique design, the main span of the bridge can be raised to a height of about 50m so that large ships can pass through and is a famous tourist destination in France.

Once completed, Thu Thiem 4 Bridge will also become a new symbol and a tourist destination.

With ongoing projects, we expect the banks of the Saigon River to change to a modern, unique appearance, maximizing its inherent potential value,” said a representative of the City Department of Transport. HCM said.

Sharing about the design idea of Thu Thiem 4 bridge, Associate Professor Dr. Tong Tran Tung, head of the technical advisory group of the Minister of Transport, said that currently in our country there is only a swing bridge on the Han River (Da Da Nang), the bridge built in Hai Phong has existed since ancient times.

There is still no lifting and lowering of the main span in our country, while much has been done around the world and has attracted a large number of tourists.

Therefore, the unique design of Thu Thiem 4 lift bridge along with the pedestrian bridge shaped like nipa palm leaves will create a “position” in the landscape architecture of the Saigon River, towards the modern development of the city. City.

Regarding Thu Thiem 4 Bridge, economic expert Dinh The Hien said that the bridge helps connect the South and East areas of Ho Chi Minh City, greatly shortening the travel distance.

This bridge also solves the problem of traffic into the city’s central core area, reducing traffic congestion and smooth travel. If we look at the traffic connection aspect, we can see that this bridge is more needed than Ba Son bridge.

Because from the city center through Thu Thiem, there is Thu Thiem 1 bridge and Saigon river tunnel. From the South to the East, we always have to take a detour.

As for the design of open spans that can be raised and lowered, according to Mr. Hien, this is the world’s general trend in bridge construction (swing bridges, lift bridges).

Near the center of Ho Chi Minh City, there is Cat Lai port, which receives a very large amount of goods each year. Saigon River is the main waterway connecting Ho Chi Minh City – Dong Nai – Binh Duong. Therefore, a high clearance bridge will help smooth navigation. The raised span of the bridge is also a unique and symbolic feature of the city in the future.

The pedestrian bridge and Thu Thiem 4 bridge will be formed in the near future. Thu Thiem 3 Bridge is mentioned in the planning but there is no specific implementation plan in the near future - Graphic: TAN DAT

Shorten travel time when there is Thu Thiem 4 bridge

The formation of Thu Thiem 4 Bridge will relieve traffic pressure from Binh Thanh district, Thu Duc city through districts 7, 8, Binh Chanh and Nha Be districts. At the same time, reduce traffic congestion in the inner city area related to the activities of neighboring ports.

According to preliminary calculations, travel from Can Gio and Nha Be districts to Thu Duc city can be shortened by 5 – 10km when there is Thu Thiem 4 bridge.

It is expected that this bridge will start from Tan Thuan intersection (Nguyen Van Linh street intersects Tan Thuan bridge), then turn to Huynh Tan Phat street. When reaching Luu Trong Lu street, you will follow this road and then cross the river. Saigon.

Bridge design in Ho Chi Minh City: pay more attention to aesthetics

Currently, overall, connecting the two banks of the Saigon River, there are six bridges built and three bridges planned. From upstream, we can mention Binh Loi bridge, Binh Trieu bridge, Saigon bridge, Thu Thiem 1 bridge, Ba Son bridge, Phu My bridge that have been built and put into operation.

In the current planning, there is a pedestrian bridge that has just been signed by Ho Chi Minh City with the sponsor and Thu Thiem 4 bridge has just submitted a pre-feasibility report to the city. There is also Thu Thiem 3 bridge also in the long-term planning.

Unlike in the past, bridges were mainly used to connect traffic and solve the problem of traveling and transporting goods, now bridges have received more attention for their aesthetics and symbolism, bringing to the city. HCM new interface.

Most recently we can mention Ba Son bridge. Starting construction in February 2015, put into operation on April 30, 2022, Ba Son bridge (formerly named Thu Thiem 2) was built 1,465m long, with six lanes.

The 885m long bridge is designed as a cable-stayed bridge with the main tower shaped like a dragon bridge architecture, 113m high, leaning towards Thu Thiem. In the next stage, after the City People’s Committee approves the artistic lighting plan, the unit will organize the implementation of the lighting project.

Thus, later on, the bridge design was not simply a giant concrete block for travel, but Ho Chi Minh City paid more attention to aesthetics.

What are the banks connecting the pedestrian bridge spanning the Saigon River?


Expected location to build a pedestrian bridge connecting Thu Thiem urban area with the center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City – Photo: LE PHAN

According to the plan, the starting point of the pedestrian bridge from District 1 will be closest to Nguyen Hue walking street.

The planning here is almost complete with Nguyen Hue walking street going straight to the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee headquarters, which is more than 100 years old. On the bank of Thu Duc City is an area being planned to form a multi-purpose community campus, parking lot, and restrooms.

The landscape was built with additional piers, designed stone parks, riverside parks, ecological parks, floating aquatic rafts, fountains, planted sunflower fields, fireworks battle areas, installed Install an LED system for political propaganda combined with advertising.

Appreciate society’s contributing resources

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the agreement on pedestrian bridge sponsorship, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Phan Van Mai emphasized that in the general development process of the city, in addition to the resources created by the city, generations of leaders City leaders always appreciate the resources contributed by society for a civilized and modern city.

Mr. Mai thanked Nutifood for contributing profits from production and business efficiency to build this bridge, and also thanked the businesses that have been and continue to contribute to the overall development of the city.

According to Mr. Mai, the design of the pedestrian bridge connecting the two banks of the Saigon River has been selected by the City. The winning work of the competition is a prestigious joint venture in the world. The problem is to concretize the design idea as a basis for construction.

The pedestrian bridge not only has the function of traveling but is also a highlight architectural work, leaving a mark of the city for future generations.

“During the construction of the pedestrian bridge, it needs to be implemented urgently but strictly. Relevant departments and units need to pay close attention to ensure construction begins no later than April 30, 2025 to celebrate 50 years. National Unification Day.

City leaders assigned the City Department of Transport, relevant departments and localities to continue working with sponsors to coordinate implementation and completion to ensure progress. If any problems arise during the implementation process, they must be promptly detected and coordinated to resolve them to ensure quality and progress,” Mr. Mai requested.

Expected location to build Thu Thiem 4 bridge, connecting Nha Be, District 7 - Thu Duc City in one strip - Photo: CHAU TUAN

According to Tuoi Tre Newspaper