Educational philosophy Reggio Emilia – The key for children to explore the world

Educational philosophy Reggio Emilia – The key for children to explore the world

Sending a child to preschool is a challenging decision for new parents with young children living during a pandemic. It's natural for parents to feel worried about possible health risks. Therefore, in an effort to keep children safe, some parents have dropped their children from school and are not allowed to attend preschool even though this is an important learning period for them (from 0-5 years old). .

Since April 2022, students at all levels have been able to return to school, including students of preschool age. However, because in the past, many private preschools had to stop operating due to financial difficulties, and state schools were overloaded when children returned to class, which caused an increase in demand. This led to a preschool crisis in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. According to the Ministry of Education, 28,500 kindergartens across the country had to suspend operations during the closure due to Covid, while 584 private schools were dissolved.

Facing the above situation, many units operating in the field of preschool have kept the staff who quickly returned the school to a normal trajectory, welcomed children to class and made up for what they had missed during the school year. pandemic and distance. South Sky Kindergarten preschool system invested and developed by Thien Nam Group is one of the pioneers in overcoming difficulties during the past 2 years thanks to the direction of the Board of Directors and the dedication to early childhood education. Currently, the whole system is gradually stabilizing to welcome children to school and fill classes.

Ms. Ha Thi Thuy Ngan – Principal of SSK School Tran Quy Cap Branch – shared about the importance of early education for children right now as follows: Children aged 0-5 need a learning environment consistent and consistent practice. Every emotional experience – every environment, every interaction – gives instructions to a young child’s brain, telling it which neuronal connections need to be stronger and which ones not. can be cut off. Safe, nurturing, responsive and interactive environments promote healthy brain development. Therefore, having to stop studying or not go to school in time is a waste of a lot of precious time for brain development for children.

After the pandemic period, babies are slow to speak, slow down

Ponies can stand for up to an hour after being born. Baby sea turtles find their way to the sea after hatching. It is the natural ability of the species, without the need for intelligence. But human intelligence and capacity are infinite, requiring a large brain to develop (right from the womb). Experts say early intervention is the best key to children’s brain development and later learning. After the age of 3, the brain begins to prune itself: Regularly used neural connections become stronger while others fade away. Essentially, the brain loses what it’s not using. Research by scientists has also shown that more than 1 million neural connections are formed every second, laying the foundation of the brain. At least 85% of its development occurs before age 5, and the majority occurs in the first few years of life. So let’s start learning for children right now can’t be another day late.

Educational philosophy Reggio Emilia – The key for children to explore the world in real space.

If your child has not yet returned to preschool and if you are interested in the innovative Reggio Emilia approach to education, quickly consider the following beneficial factors and enroll your child in the golden time frame. study. The core values ​​of the Reggio Emilia approach are:

The child is an active participant in learning. According to the Reggio method, the child is a self-promoter and self-starter of interacting with the environment. Therefore, the educational environment must support the pursuit of their interests, but not all. Thereby stimulating children’s curiosity and observation and creating a love of learning in children.

For example, when children in the classroom show an interest in building games, the teacher will provide additional small wooden slats with different colors, designs and other materials to help children have materials to develop. Develop existing ideas and interests. While children are engrossed in exploration, teachers provide additional opportunities to learn and familiarize themselves with numeracy, problem-solving, and reading and writing skills.

The environment plays an important role. The Reggio method considers the environment as a third educational factor, after teachers and young parents. Children are aware of the world around them through their own experiments and experiences. Most classrooms have a studio, or, more commonly, a “crafting workshop” that is stocked with materials such as clay, paints, writing tools, and designs. Children will use these tools to express their ideas in the real learning process. Being able to self-explore the world around will help children become more confident in the learning process. It helps children develop imagination and creativity.

Teachers – parents – children act as partners in the learning process. Usually, other methods pay little attention to the role of parents in the child’s learning process, but the Reggio method considers parents as a very important factor for children’s learning. To build a learning community for children, Reggio schools regularly organize events throughout the school year to connect with students’ parents, such as lectures, seminars on how to care for children. take care and raise children.

For example, many parents often complain about their children not sleeping well. From that fact, the school’s measure is to organize a workshop that invites experts to share and guide parents to create good sleep for their children at home.

Exposing children to diverse creative arts and learning is visually vivid.

According to the Reggio method, teachers use many ways to record children’s learning, such as: filming, taking pictures, keeping a diary, recording ideas and products of children’s activities. Teachers often have a record to keep pictures of the children’s creative work, even the children’s questions. That helps children feel very proud and proud of their own learning and progress.

In order for your child to enjoy the advantages of the above educational method,  come to the South Sky Kindergarten bilingual preschool system now, you will enjoy the privileges when you enroll your child before the 30th. August 2022. Please contact the schools immediately for direct advice!


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