Dong Nai strongly attracts FDI capital

Dong Nai strongly attracts FDI capital

Information from Dong Nai Provincial People's Committee said: As of November, the entire province had domestic investment increase more than 4.9 times compared to the same period in 2022; Foreign investment attraction reached about 1059.47 million USD, reaching 97% over the same period. However, the scale of projects is still small and concentrated mainly in industrial zones.


Specifically, in the past 11 months, Dong Nai has attracted 1059.47 million USD from foreign investment (97% over the same period and 96.3% of the yearly plan). Of which, 65 new projects were granted with a total registered capital of 317.8 million USD and 85 projects increased capital with a total additional capital of 741.67 million USD.

Domestic investment in Dong Nai in the past 11 months reached about 12,490 billion VND (more than 4.9 times higher than the same period in 2022), of which 20 new projects were granted (13 projects in industrial parks, outside industrial parks). 7 projects). 12 projects increased capital with additional capital of nearly 6,138 billion VND, 1 project (in an industrial park) reduced capital by 20 billion VND. Accumulated as of November 20, the number of valid projects is 1,092 with a capital of more than 318,123 billion VND.

Also in recent times, industrial parks have granted 63 new projects with a total capital of over 317.65 million USD; In addition to the new industrial park, 2 projects are in the field of education.

Besides the positive signs of attracting investment in Dong Nai, it is also seen that the scale of projects is still small and medium, mainly renting factories to operate. The average investment of each FDI project is about 6 million USD/hectare, the labor required is about 111 people/hectare and mainly in supporting industries and very few high-tech projects.

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