Dong Nai chose an investor for an urban area worth nearly 3 billion USD

Dong Nai chose an investor for an urban area worth nearly 3 billion USD

The Provincial People's Committee has asked relevant units to speed up the bidding process to select investors for the Hiep Hoa Urban Area project, Bien Hoa City. For this project, the Provincial People's Committee is submitting to the Provincial Party Committee for comments on the capacity and experience requirements of investors.

Hiep Hoa Urban Area Project belongs to Hiep Hoa Ward (Bien Hoa City). Photo: P. Tung

The Hiep Hoa Urban Area project has been granted an investment policy decision by the Provincial People’s Committee in March 2023. The project has an area of about 293 hectares and a population of 31.6 thousand people. The project aims to invest in building a new, spacious, modern urban area and service complex in harmony with the natural landscape. At the same time, aiming to develop sustainable tourism, combining diversification of housing types, combined with commercial and service centers to serve tourism, public services… Harmonious arrangement of all types The model ensures that activities take place day and night, forming a bustling commercial street, meeting the needs of housing, service business, and accommodation.

The total investment capital of the project is more than 72 trillion VND (nearly 3 billion USD), with an operating period of 50 years. The Hiep Hoa Urban Area project will be implemented over a period of 12 years, from 2023-2035, phased into 5 component projects.

According to Dong Nai newspaper