Bustling construction of a series of bidding packages to build Long Thanh airport

Bustling construction of a series of bidding packages to build Long Thanh airport

Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV), Investor of Component Project (DATP) 3 of Long Thanh International Airport Construction Investment Project (HKQT) phase 1, said the implementation progress The items, especially the construction progress of the airport terminal body, are being ensured as planned.

The total disbursement value of Long Thanh Airport 3 component project phase 1 currently reaches about 10,849 billion VND out of 53,570 billion VND contract value. Photo: Le Tien

DATP 3 Long Thanh airport includes 8 items: mine clearance; build fences; leveling – drainage; station body; airport infrastructure (takeoff, taxiway, apron…); traffic connection; Consulting on surveying and technical design of garage projects; Environmental Management. Currently, in addition to 2 items that have been 100% completed, namely mine clearance and fence construction, the remaining 6 items are accelerating.

In the leveling and drainage category, according to ACV’s assessment, the ground construction of priority areas for handover to serve the construction of main project structures has been completed, meeting the 15-month schedule as directed. government. In the remaining areas, the contractor is continuing construction, ensuring to meet the 36-month schedule according to the contract. The total actual volume of excavation as of December 3 reached over 103 million m3, reaching 90.57% of the total construction volume, closely following the proposed plan. Responsible for this item is the Joint Venture of Truong Son Construction Corporation – ACC Aviation Construction Corporation – Phuc Loc Group Joint Stock Company – 8 Traffic Construction Corporation – Private Joint Stock Company Consulting Truong Son – Vietnam Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation (winning bid price of more than 4,411 billion VND). Currently, key construction sites are deployed simultaneously by contractors with about 700 personnel and 650 pieces of equipment. Contractors continue to carry out excavation and foundation construction in areas, transporting orphan stones in areas 3, 4, 5, 7, 22…; Construction of public service roads T1, T2, T5 and T8; Construction of ditches in areas 7, 13, 14 and installation of culvert locations.

An ACV leader further shared that the station body item plays an important role as the critical path for the entire project. Accordingly, Package 5.10 Construction and installation of passenger terminal equipment at Long Thanh International Airport is following the plan and contractors are making efforts to complete the passenger terminal construction by the end of the project. 2026. Package 5.10 is undertaken by VIETUR Joint Venture with a value of about 35 trillion VND.

ACV said that despite many weather difficulties, the construction work of the VIETUR Joint Venture and the construction supervision of the JAC-CONINCO Joint Venture achieved positive results. At the scene, contractors mobilized 919 personnel and 565 motorbikes and materials for construction. The contractor consortium has completed installation, inspection, and put into operation all 24 tower cranes; Construction of temporary roads connecting to the Project’s existing public service roads… For soil excavation work, VIETUR Joint Venture has excavated more than 208 thousand m3, reaching more than 61% of the total volume. Pile head crushing work has been completed for 236/1,560 piles.

Another particularly important item at DATP 3 is airport infrastructure. Including Package 4.6 Construction, equipment installation and construction drawings for construction of take-off and landing runways, taxiways, aircraft aprons and other works. Responsible for this item is the joint venture of ACC Aviation Construction Corporation – Truong Son Construction Corporation – Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation (Vinaconex) – Investment Development Joint Stock Company Vietnam Construction – Cienco4 Group Joint Stock Company – 647 Aviation Construction Joint Stock Company.

To construct Package 4.6, the contractor consortium mobilized 389 personnel and 165 pieces of equipment and machinery to excavate soil for take-off and landing runways, parallel taxiways, and embank K90 soil in the soil storage area; Experimental construction of plowing and compaction of K95 ground for take-off and landing runways and taxiways; K95 soil embankment on apron A5, isolated apron, construction of drainage system through taxiways B5, B6… To date, the contractor consortium has excavated more than 370 thousand m3, reaching nearly 15% of the total volume. At the same time, carry out experimental work; Install concrete mixing plants and electrical systems for construction work. According to plan, Package 4.6 will be completed by the end of July 2025. In particular, the takeoff, landing, taxiway and apron items will be constructed in 650 days (from January 1, 2024); The rainwater drainage system will be constructed in 540 days (from December 1, 2023); cleaning and handing over the constructed project within 110 days (from April 13, 2025).

In the connecting transportation category, Package 6.12 Construction of the transportation system connecting route 1 and route 2 is the most important. In charge of constructing this package is the joint venture of Deo Ca Group Joint Stock Company – Thang Long Corporation – Khang Nguyen Infrastructure Construction Investment Joint Stock Company – Hoang Long Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company – Joint Stock Company Construction 368 – Hoang Long Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company (winning bid price 2,630 billion VND). After starting construction, despite adverse weather conditions, prolonged rain and site difficulties, the construction progress of the two connecting traffic routes was guaranteed. The contractor consortium mobilized 605 personnel, 196 machinery and equipment and organized many construction sites to simultaneously carry out a series of tasks: filling K95 soil on service roads, main routes, spreading crushed stone aggregate, deploying bored piles, soil cement piles, construction of route and bridge sections.

According to Investment Newspaper